From BankRate: Seven Signs That It’s Not The Right Time To Retire Now


I just saw a post from Bank Rate, Seven Signs That It’s Not The Right Time To Retire Now. It has some timely thoughts for anyone who’s nearing retirement, and I wanted to share it with you. I especially like this quote from Bud Hebeler which offers good information about why you may want to delay collecting those social security checks:

“The very best annuity is Social Security. By delaying the start of Social Security, there is an 8 percent gain each year”

Here are the seven signs from the article:

1. You’re eligible for Social Security
2. You plan to work full time
3. Your spouse doesn’t want you to retire
4. You don’t have a place to go
5. Your counting on the stock market
6. You haven’t planned for health care costs
7. You have financial obligations

If you’re still unsure about when you should retire, I invite you to come see us. We’ll take a look at your financial situation and your future needs. Then we’ll help you come to the best decision.