Getting Started

Your Free Consultation:
The First Step To Planning A Successful Retirement Life.

We will provide you with a comprehensive plan for enhancing your retirement income developed using our proprietary retirement-planning tools. Whether or not you decide to work with us, you’ll walk away with a plan of action tailored to your specific situation and retirement needs.

To ensure that our meeting is as beneficial as possible, be sure to download our monthly spending sheet and follow these simple steps:

Step 01: Reflect on Your Goals

How do you envision your retirement: How do you expect to spend your retirement savings? Do you have a spouse or dependents you want to provide with an inheritance? Are you prepared to retire now, or would you prefer to keep working for a few more years?

Step 02: Gather Financial Statements

What assets, sources of income, debts and liabilities do you have? It’s helpful to bring your latest statements from your 401(k), IRA, pension or other investments and also social security projections with you to your consultation.

Step 03: Figure Current Spending

How much do you currently spend, on average. Using a monthly spending sheet is a great way to make sure you don’t forget anything important.

Step 04: Talk to Your Spouse

Are you married? Make your spouse part of the process, and be sure to account for your spouse’s income and retirement plan. It’s important to bring your spouse to the consultation, too.